(NEWSER) – The search for debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is facing a major obstacle in addition to bad weather: a sea full of garbage. The objects spotted in satellite images could be jet debris, but they could just as easily be some of the large quantities of the trash (think "ghost" fishing ships 50 feet long) found in even the most remote parts of the oceans, a marine debris specialist with the Ocean Conservancy tells the New York Times. This as a fourth set of satellite images—these from a French firm and revealed today by Malaysia’s defense minister—show 122 "potential objects," reports NBC News. More:


  • Weather conditions have improved today and the search has resumed with ships and planes from six countries—Australia, New Zealand, the US, Japan, China, and South Korea—now taking part, reports the BBC.
  • As for those 122 objects, they were captured via satellite Sunday and are located in a 154-square-mile patch of the southern Indian Ocean. Australia has been tasked with checking out the new lead, but it's unclear if that can happen before dark or will instead happen tomorrow, reports the New York Times.

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