UPDATE(Los Angeles, CA)  --  An airport employee has been arrested in connection with the dry ice explosions at Los Angeles International Airport.  Dicarlo Bennett, an employee for airport ground handling company Servisair, has been taken into custody.  Over the past couple of nights, two dry ice bombs exploded in restricted areas of the airport.  One went off in an employee bathroom and the other on the tarmac near some planes.  Police don't believe this is an act of terrorism, but may be the work of a disgruntled employee. 

(NEWSER– A dry ice bomb exploded at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday night—and yesterday, three similar bombs were found, including another one that exploded last night, the LA Times reports. The first bomb was placed in a restroom the public cannot access, and the devices found yesterday were also in an employees-only area, outside and near a plane parked at a gate in the international terminal. No one was hurt. An LAX spokesperson tells NBC News the devices, plastic bottles with dry ice inside, are "harmless." Even so, the LAPD is investigating, with help from the FBI.

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