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(Yahoo!) - And you thought you were done hearing about Justin Bieber's South American tour misadventures.

The 19-year-old is apologizing to Argentinians for inadvertently disrespecting the country's flag. While performing in Buenos Aires on Saturday, fans threw two flags on stage in hopes he would hold them up in appreciation of his Beliebers there. Instead, the Canadian crooner, who says he thought the flags were undergarments, used his shoe and then his microphone stand to remove them from the stage. The incident, caught on video, sparked the latest Bieber backlash.

Flag-gate wasn't the only drama that took place during the show. Bieber also fell ill during his performance and cut out early, drawing boos from concertgoers who paid up to $320 to see him croon "Baby" at River Plate stadium. He later said he had food poisoning, posting a selfie on Instagram showing himself receiving intravenous fluids. (He was seen partying at a Buenos Aires nightclub in the early hours of Saturday morning.) He also had to leave the hotel he was staying in there because his female fans caused such a frenzy.

The Argentina debacle was just part of his wild stay in South America. In addition to being charged with defacing public property for tagging a hotel with graffiti, he walked off the stage in Brazil after being pelted with a plastic bottle, reportedly visited a high-end brothel with a friend, and supposedly hooked up with a bodybuilder/part-time actress, who posted video of him in bed and gave an interview saying he is "well-endowed."

The star will be in Mexico for two performances this weekend, then he'll travel to Australia later this month for another series of shows. We can only expect that trouble will follow him both places.

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