Why didn't Chris Brown attend the Met Gala event in NY? The private jet he was on was forced to make an emergency landing in Burbank after the cockpit filled with smoke shortly after takeoff.  Roughly 7 to 8 minutes into the flight, everyone on board began to notice smoke filling the plane. Smoke was everywhere so the pilot immediately turned the plane around and performed an emergency landing back at Burbank airport. After the plane touched down, Brown decided he STILL wanted to get to the Met Gala event in NY... and boarded ANOTHER private jet within an hour of touching down.  He didn't make the Met Gala event. However, he DID make it to an after-party.  Two questions; what KIND of smoke do you think filled the plane, and WHERE was Rihanna?  Didn't they just break up; he showed up with this chick!

Happy to be seen: The pair were happy to be photographed together