That's Obama, not Oprah, bt-dubs.  The leader of the free world makes yet another visit to Seattle on Sunday afternoon, and while we don't have specific travel times, POTUS' plane is expected to lane at Seatac around 4:30pm.  

  Obama leaves the Oval Office for a fundraising mission that will take him to North Seattle for an event Sunday evening.  We can assume that his route will take him from Seatac, East on 518 and north on I-5 to North Seattle, so that means closures of on & off ramps and the mainline, of course while the motorcade rolls through.  

  El Presidente is then expected to roll out Monday morning and is believed to be departing the Emerald City and Seatac shortly before 9am.  Yep, you guessed it, that means all those closures will be happening for our Monday commute.  We know what you're thinking, morning commutes are already super fun, this one will be downright delightful! ;-)

**UPDATED info- Obama is staying at the Westin in Downtown Seattle.  As a result, there are some surface street closures that will remain in effect through most of the morning:

*Virginia Street closed between 4th & 6th Ave ( no access from any adjacent alleys)

*5th Ave closed between Lenora & Stewart St (parking lot b/w Lenora & Virginia is open & accessible from the alley off Lenora)

*Westin Building Parking garage is not accessible unless arrangements have been made with the US Secret Service

*Pedestrians restricted on the south side of Virginia between 5th & 6th and on the north side only when the President is coming & going.

*Be advised that Metro busses will be rerouted during this time.

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