Seems like right now we're living in a never-ending cycle of major road construction.  Unfortunately our awesome weather is to blame, as its a lot easier for road crews to get things done in the sunshine and dry conditions. 

SO, what do you have to look forward to this weekend?  Well, one thing is for sure, NB 405 in Bellevue won't look like this photo on the left this weekend.  It'll be a maze of construction cones followed by a ghost town (well except for the construction crews replacing some concrete)


Here is what's happening this weekend:


405 in Bellevue : ALL LANES of Northbound 405 from Southeast 8th to SR520 in Bellevue WILL BE CLOSED this weekend.  They'll start with one lane closure at 8pm on Friday and slowly shut down the lanes.  ALL LANES will be closed by 10 and stay closed until 4am when they begin reopening lanes.  All lanes will be open by 5am.


522 in Bothell : Only one lane will be open in either direction from Hall Road to 102nd Ave NE bridge from 8pm Friday to 5am Monday so crews can switch to the new ST522 configuration.


I5 Seattle / Corson Exit : The NB and SB I5 ramps to Corson Avenue South will be closed from 9am Friday to 5am Monday for bridge repair work!


SR167 in Renton : The Northbound SR167 ramp to Northbound 405 will be CLOSED from 10pm Friday to 5am Monday for drainage repair.  This one is sure to cause problems as well!


Plan ahead, kiddos!

-The Divas