Britney Spears & Robin Thicke Hooked Up!

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Back in 2003, Britney was suddenly single after splitting with Justin Timberlake. She was at the peak of her career, but Thicke was just trying to get recognized.

What better way than to hitch your wagon to Britney’s runaway success?

Sources reveal Robin and Britney collaborated on a tune that was never released. (quote) “He was trying hard to develop a reputation as a hot, young singer. Britney was the biggest thing in show business." They met working on a song, but started making sweet music outside the studio, too.    

SourceIn Touch 


Justin Bieber Denies Trashing Argentina's Flag

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The Biebs could face time in jail for allegedly using Argentina's beloved flag as a rag during his show in Buenos Aires on Saturday.

Justin's camp says that he would never intentionally disecrate the country's flag, and that the whole thing was taken out of context.

Hiis peeps say that he was merely trying to sweep bras and panties off the stage that his (presumably) female fans were throwing at him from the audience.

Bieber turning down some panties? Hmm we're not buying it! What do you think?


Iggy Azalea Dating LA Laker!?

Austrialian rapper Iggy Azalea is reportedly dating Los Angeles Laker Nick Young!

The new couple was recently spotted in LA enjoying some together time!

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