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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is already taking offers for its upcoming single-copy album E. 1999 Legends.  

In an interview with, group member Krayzie Bone claims they've received a $1 million bid for the album.  While he wouldn't reveal who made the first offer, Krayzie says the bidder was "very, very interested" in getting their hands on the project. 

However, the group isn't ready to hand over the album to the mystery bidder just yet.  Krayzie believes the first offer will cause a "domino effect" and pave the way for future bids.  

E. 1999 Legends will likely be the final group effort for Bone Thugs.  The project will be a double-disc album with one disc dedicated to songs featuring only Bone Thugs members.  The second disc will likely feature a number of high-profile collaborations. 

Photo: Getty Images