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Nicki Minaj gave a booty-ful performance during last weekend's VMAs. SO booty-ful in fact, it left many like this:

Rita Ora's reaction went viral following the awards show, but now she reveals what was really on her mind during that moment! Rita stopped by Chicago's 103.5 KISS FM where she told the radio station's Brady:

"This was actually me just being like, so jealous that her a** was so nice!"

She continued:

"I've never actually seen Nicki in real life. I've never met her before. So everything, for me, was imaginary because I always saw her in the videos, and she always looks amazing. Even though she's real and down and such an amazing artist, I honestly was so overwhelmed by her beauty, and by how like hot she was."

To sum it up:

"I don't know what people think it may be, but it was literally me being like the biggest, weirdest fan of all time."

There you have it! Check out the rest of Rita's explanation and her full interview below:

Photo: Getty Images